What we do

Online marketing

Raise the bar. Be followed not the follower. Experience the difference by engaging our expertise in

  • refreshing your network appearance and presence,
  • increasing visibility,
  • providing credible online reputation followed by real results
  • Social media marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Search engine optimization
  • E-mail marketing
  • Mobile marketing (Android and iOS application development)

Strategic marketing

Our strategic marketing services aim to provide highly customized roadmap towards your success. We take pride in creating campaigns that tell a story, generating awareness and building long-term customer loyalty. Utilize our analytical capacities to uncover the meaning behind our vision and take full ownership over the process.
  • Creating action plans and campaigns
  • Strategic planning and tactics creation
  • Market research
  • Data analysis


Show, don’t tell. To make a greater impact we create effective means of communication through interactive video, photography and audio content. Rely of our artistic skills to make your business viral, distinguishable and memorable.
  • Video recording, editing and production
  • Photography
  • Digital music composition and sound production

Creative design

Wide range of design solution we provide take the business to the next level. Powerful design distinguishes business with an appealing visual identity in order to make an impact in the industry, to build an audience, to stay ahead of the crowd.
  • Graphic design
  • Print
  • Web design and development

Event management

We see the forest and the tree, balance “nice to haves” and “must haves”, we plan, budget, organize, interact and implement for any kind of events. The only thing left for you is to enjoy.
  • Logistics & operations management
  • Project administration, management and support
  • Budget, cash flow and financial management
  • Program development
  • Event planning, branding and marketing
  • Event communications and promotion
  • Promo material design and print
  • Event stuff support
  • Event video and photography production
  • Post-event evaluation

How we do it

Our recipe for successful and tasteful

Poking and prying with a purpose

Every success starts with an idea. But bright idea is not enough for itself, it needs a powerful strategy. First step in building up a great strategy is research. In ensuring the best way for our clients to go forward we research, wide and deep, highs and lows.

Get a good idea across

After getting to know the rules of the game and the field the game is played on, we brainstorm to formulate custom made approach that will ensure prosperity for our clients.

Hold the vision, trust the process

And when the storm is over and the product of our brains is sculpted we take on our fine tools, from the different toolboxes we carry around to polish it for perfect style and substance.


Once we are satisfied with what we’ve created and more importantly once our client is happy and assured our creation is fulfillment of their desires and needs we are taking off – we go live.

Our work here is not done

Once the project is launched we keep a close watch, we track and improve, if need be. Top performance is our goal, best way to ensure that is with everything we do.

Who we are?

We are a full-service marketing agency focused on building up successful ventures by providing inventive solutions with clearly measurable results.
Our unique, visionary approach will guide you in becoming a leader or keep you leading prosperously if you are already there.

Why us

Creative House is proudly battling with challenges and gladly invites them into arena.
Our genuine care about the needs of our clients is embodied in listening and advising appropriately because what we ultimately want is for our client’s projects to succeed. By creating individual solutions to the unique challenges of our clients we strive to achieve their goals and help in discovering new ones. We make your brand valuable to your customers.


We do business to be noticed, and we enjoy making our clients noticed too. In the fast pacing world everyone wants to be remembered for being distinct. We work to help our clients achieve outstanding, visible and memorable brands.


We embrace daring, demanding projects with open arms and open minds because they force us to stay fresh and innovative when solving problems.


In a rapidly evolving digital environment we use quality design, proactive brand communications and social interactivity to give businesses a widespread and competitive presence. Our services aim to add value, generate new followers, brand recognition and most importantly, increase revenue.


We constantly strive to formulate the best solutions possible. Our clients will be served with our attention to details and ability to keep global picture in mind. We aspire to make truly extraordinary things.